Displaying the Christmas tree versus just putting up a tree

Yes, that is my little tree

It’s that time of year and that time of year means the Christmas tree. I know there are those of us out there who dread putting up the tree for one because you have to find it in whatever storage it’s in and then find all of the ornaments.

So yes putting up a Christmas tree can sometimes be a hassle not to mention finding the right spot for it and making it look good.

I have not been blessed with a home with ample places to put a Christmas tree because I live in military housing, but maybe some of you have a better layout.

Several things to remember when putting up a tree and making it look good:

  • Location-You want a place that is prominent, but not in the way.
  • color scheme/theme-Sure you can jumble random ornaments on your tree if you want, but you can also use a color scheme and/or theme on your tree.
  • Draping/skirt-Is the skirt/draping going to match your ornaments or stand out?
  • present display-Do you ever find that sometimes presents get lost in amongst all the presents? Or that it is hard to see some of them?

First of all, let’s tackle location. My tree is tiny so I have more than one or two options for where I could place it, but most people don’t have a tiny tree. I know many people like to put their trees in front of a window, but if you do this you have the decorate it 360 degrees not just the sides visible inside your home. Christmas trees can be wide, so don’t place it in your doorway or somewhere that will impede house traffic. You also want to place your tree in a place that is noticeable. You’re not going to go through the trouble of decorating it for nothing so place it somewhere you can enjoy it.

Next is color scheme/theme. My tree this year has a red/gold color scheme. I have also done a white color scheme before, but you could also do a theme. Why do a color scheme or a theme? It makes your tree look more pulled together, that isn’t to say you can’t use all your neat ornaments. For example, if you had a ton of really neat ornaments based off of cartoons, you could have a cartoon tree.

popular color schemes are:

  • red/gold
  • red
  • gold/silver
  • green/red
  • silver/blue
  • of course you could always go with something non-conventional and have a pink-ornamented Christmas tree.

Possible themes could be:

  • Nature-pine cones/birds/ snowflakes
  • or maybe just a snowflake tree with different types of snowflake ornaments
  • ornament collections, if you have specific collections of ornaments that could be your theme.
  • edible-popcorn strands, gingerbread ornaments, candy canes etc..

Next is draping which  most of us agree is important because it covers up the tree stand. Nobody wants to look at that ugly thing. You can use a tree skirt. There are multitudes of those in the stores, or you can get your own Christmas fabric and drape it around the bottom of your tree. It doesn’t even have to be hemmed. Just drape it to where it looks nice. A neat idea I saw was putting your Christmas tree up on a box( if your Christmas tree just doesn’t measure up to your ceiling). The box was wrapped and it looked like the tree was on a giant present. I think that idea is useful and neat.

Present display can be a problem particularly if there are lots of people in the house and lots of presents. Presents get lost behind and under other presents. Ok I totally used stacks of books draped in white fabric to display part of my presents on. I didn’t want all of the presents on the same level. Creating different levels in your presents makes your tree display more visually appealing if you care about that. You can also use “dummy presents” to display your presents on. Get a cardboard box, which you most likely have from your online shopping, and wrap it in wrapping paper. Then use that box as a stand or display for other presents. That way the real presents can be seen and the different heights create visual interest.If anybody is getting a train set for Christmas I am all for the idea of setting it up to go around the bottom of the tree, I think that is a great idea.

So display your Christmas tree rather than just put it up.


About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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