Wait that’s Glass! Don’t Throw it Away!


Use those jars!


Everybody buys pasta sauce, jellies, jams, yeast, pickles and various other items that are packaged in glass jars. Those of you where there is a recycling center might recycle your jars and those of you who don’t have a recycling center may just throw them away, well don’t!

Glass is a durable material that has all kinds of uses!

Did you ever use a big pickle jar for loose change? Well that is one use for a glass jar. Other uses are:

  • Canning, some jars can be capped with canning bands and lids and can be re-used to can food if you know how to can. Classico Pasta sauce is an example of a jar you can actually can with it even has ounce markers on the side in glass.
  • A country vase. If you’re lacking a vase just take a glass jar fill with water and place your two dozen long-stemmed roses your husband just bought you in, well ok, maybe the wild flowers your children brought in from outside.
  • storage for other items. In my picture I have knitting items in one jar and crappy paint brushes in another. They are both things that generally don’t fit in an art bin or a sewing box and jars are a good way to store them.
  • Storage for food. If we have an item that usually comes in a bag or cardboard box and it’s prone to getting bugs we’ll put it in a jar. Example, the cream of wheat shown.
  • Gifts. Did you ever get cookies in a jar, brownies in a jar, or soup in a jar? You can find recipes and put layers of the ingredients in a jar, especially the ones that will fit canning lids and bands. You can use a piece of cloth to go over the lid and under the band to make it look nice, then tie instructions to a card with a piece of twine and tie it around the jar.
  • One neat idea I have seen before it to use jars in your shed or work station. The idea is to screw the lid to the underside of a shelf. Then place items you want to store inside the jar(screws, little spools of thread, spare yarn, nails, nuts, bolts, etc.) Then you just twist your jar into the lid that is screwed to the shelf. It’s up and out-of-the-way and a great use for all types of jars, even baby food jars.
  • You can use baby food jars to portion out individual serving sizes of various substances. It can be food, or something craft related like a glue or glaze. This is useful if you’re teaching a  crafting workshop.
  • storing change, of course you can use a glass jar to catch all your spare change to collect before you take it to the coin machine to get turned into dollar bills.
  • Storing bath salts and scrubs. If you ever make home-made bath salts or scrubs you can store them in a glass jar.
  • Store toothpicks in smaller jars. Use a yeast jar to store toothpicks in instead of the cardboard box they come in. You could also store matches in a jar. Handy for camping if you don’t want your matches wet.
  • Catching bugs. If your kids are into the creepy crawlies that hop around the yard, punch a few holes in the lid of a jar with a nail and hammer, or ice pick, give to your children and they can catch all the bugs they want, then let them go later.
  • Spice storage. If somehow you ended up with a lot of spice or you made your own mix, you can use smaller jars to store it in.
  • Store any small items that generally get lost in glass jars, we all have something like that.

You can remove labels by peeling them off, but most likely some of the label and glue will be left. You can use goo gone, or use a wire scrubbing-brush(one that you use for scouring pots and pans) to scrub off the label under running water. Make sure you clean the jars inside and out before you use, also clean the lids if you are planning on re-using the lids.

One good thing about using glass, is that the BPA danger just isn’t there. So if you know what BPA is and you are trying to avoid it, storing food items in glass jars is a good way to go!

So think twice before you throw out those jars!



About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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