Eye Mask with Rice Insert

I wanted to make an eye mask to match the heating pad cover I made earlier and this is it. I chose to make it with a rice insert like another eye mask I had purchased. The rice like the beans can be heated and cooled in case of sore eyes or a sore forehead.


Eye mask shape on fabric


The first thing I did was draw  the shape and size that I wanted the eye mask to be on a piece of paper, then I made an allowance for hemming it up. I cut that piece out. I also made the same shape on another piece of paper, but about half and inch smaller for the insert.

I used the larger piece to cut out the fabric for the eye mask. Two pieces of identical fabric are needed. I also used this shape to cut out a lining for the eye mask in a thicker fabric.

I went ahead and cut out the two pieces which will make the insert for the eye mask. I used a thin fabric.


Padding on the straps.

Since this eye mask is going to have two straps to adjust and I’m going to sew them into the side of the eye mask they must be completed before I actually start sewing the main eye mask part.


I used two pieces of old stiff elastic, it’s not really stretchy anymore so I’m just using it for a strap. I used strips of a thicker fabric of the same size and sewed them onto the elastic only on the ends. This thicker fabric is there for padding and it’s only going to be on the strap side that faces your head when wearing it. The pieces of elastic I am using for the straps are about eight inches long a piece.


Getting ready to sew fabric around the straps


After I sewed the padding on my elastic I am going to sew more of the same fabric around the elastic to make the whole think cohesive and pretty looking. The piece of fabric used needs to be a little longer than your strap and about 2-1/2 a half to 3 times the width of your strap. If you are new to sewing use 3 times the width since it will be easier to work with(use more if needed).

Lay the strap down on the piece of fabric towards the bottom of the piece of fabric leaving a little to use as a hem. This is a tricky part. You have to turn all the edges over to pin it so you can sew it to get a hem. I used just a regular stitch to sew the straps together. Next is the main part of the eye mask. Put a piece of your lining fabric on bottom, then the outside fabric, good side facing up, then the other piece of the outside fabric, good side facing down, then the other piece of your lining fabric. It’s like a fabric sandwich. Make sure your shape matches up and you haven’t placed one of the pieces upside down in the stack.

Don’t pin it yet, because you’re going to sew the straps in at the same time as you sew the eye mask up.

Pin the straps to the other fabric pieces

Take the top layers of outside fabric and lining off so you just have the bottom layers of outside fabric and lining. You should be seeing the good side of the fabric. Take the left strap that you want to be the left and place it padded side down about in the middle(horizontally) of the eye mask pieces. Pin it to the side. Then repeat, but opposite, for the right side. Once the straps are pinned you can place the top layers of the eye mask pieces back on. You can now pin all around it. Re-pin through the straps and all layers then take the previous pin out, you don’t want to sew a pin in your eye mask.

Pinned together

You can see that I did not pin across the top, well I didn’t sew across the top that is going to be my opening to insert the rice insert, so it’s going to have a hem and some Velcro instead of being sewn shut.



Hemming up the top


Once you have sewn around the edge of the eye mask and the straps are securely sewn in you can turn it right side out. There is that unfinished part at the top that wasn’t sewn. The edges need to be turned under and pinned then sewn. Take special care to sew across where the two pieces meet.


mostly finished

The main eye mask is sewn together but needs some Velcro to hold it together. Two small pieces of the soft side and sticky side need to be cut. I used long thin pieces about 1-1/2 inches long.

Velcro pinned in


I used one single pin to pin each piece of Velcro in then took it to the sewing machine to sew it in.

Onto the insert. Take the two pieces that were cut for the insert. Pin them good side facing each other and sew most of the way around. Then turn it right side out through the part you did not sew. We’re going to put rice in there about five ounces of it. You can put more or less if you would like.

To get your rice ready, put the rice in a small-hold strainer or sieve, holes small enough that the rice does not escape and shake it around over your sink. Move it around with your fingers. Any smaller pieces of anything should fall out of the strainer and go into the sink, so you are only getting rice. Rice has a tendency in high humidity areas to develop bugs, so this process also gets rid of bugs and any other small debris.

Put your rice into the insert. Once it is in, turn the edges of the un-sewn part over and pin together. Then sew that part up in the sewing machine. Next hand sew a line through the insert about where your eyes are going to be. This prevents rice from pooling over your eyes. After that the insert is done!

Some Velcro needs to be sewn on the straps. Use pieces about three inches long so the fit on your head can be adjusted.  One piece will be sewn on the inside of one of the straps and one piece will be sewn on the outside of one of your straps. Do not sew the Velcro pieces both on the inside or outside because that won’t work.

When that is done insert your rice insert into the eye mask and go take a nap because it’s done!

All finished!




About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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