Orange-Sugar Body Scrub

All ready to use!

If you are a woman and you take care of your skin, chances are that you have used a body scrub before. That body scrub probably smelled wonderful but cost you at least three or four dollars if not more. NEWSFLASH: you can make body scrubs yourself and it is super easy and it won’t cost you $4.00 each time you make it.

The scrub shown in the picture here is a sugar/oil scrub. You can actually use just about any oil, although I would not use vegetable oil, canola oil, or any other oil refined from a GMO crop.

To make my particular scrub you will need:

  • sugar
  • sweet almond oil
  • Essential orange oil( for a, “it smells so good you want to eat it smell”)

As far as the sugar goes, all you need is plain white sugar, you can even use organic sugar if you like. Brown sugar probably works as well, but I haven’t ventured there.

The oil can be almost any oil as I said before. You can use olive oil if you don’t want to buy another type of oil. If you want to use sweet almond oil, you can buy it from a health food store, or just go on Amazon and find it there. I have a lot of luck with SwansonVitamin, as far as shipping to a military address goes.

The essential orange oil is for the smell. You  can make anything smell pretty with essential oils and it doesn’t take much. You can get those from the same places you can get the sweet almond oil. Amazon even has a sampler pack with six different essential oils to try. You have to diffuse essential oil with another oil.

Ok, on to the manufacturing of this scrub. Get a bowl any bowl it doesn’t matter. Put some sugar in it, I used about a cup of sugar.

Put some almond oil in, I did not use much. It does not take much oil to make this scrub work.

Drop 25 drops of your essential oil in. In this case it was my orange oil. Stir everything together. If, it still looks really dry put a little more oil in. The oil shouldn’t really change the color of the sugar too much. Olive oil will a little, but if your sugar changes color too much you probably put too much oil in. Basically all the sugar just needs to be a little moist. You can put some between two of your fingers and feel the moisture if you aren’t sure.The essential oil is purely for smell so you don’t have to have it to make the scrub.

Put your scrub in a container to take into your shower. I like using a jam-sized canning jar, but you could use almost anything even a plastic Ziploc container. The mouth needs to be wide though so you can actually get your fingers down into it to get the scrub out to use. Don’t squeeze a bunch of this stuff into a container with a small mouth, because you aren’t getting it out.

This scrub does a wonderful job of exfoliating your skin and making it feel moisturized at the same time. Just take a little and scrub on an area. Your skin will feel awesome after wards. I end up using about half of my batch each time I use this scrub. It works just as well as any chemical laden scrub you can get at the store. You could even put this in a nice container, with a wide enough mouth that is, and give it as a gift.


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I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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