Toe Warmer Inserts

Whenever the temperature outside drops my toes start freezing. Usually I stick them in front of a space heater, but I decided to make some inserts I could warm up and stick inside of some socks.

I started by taking a sock and roughly tracing around the top of it. I was going to make it smaller than what I traced, but I remembered that socks stretch. That’s right socks stretch so I made it full size. Four pieces exactly the same are needed to make two inserts.

To make the inserts use two of the four identical pieces face them good side in. Then sew up around the edges, but not across the straight edge.

When the edges are done turn the whole thing right side out. Then sew down the middle. This will keep the contents from shifting too much or bunching up.

Put a spoonful of rice in each side, then sew across horizontally. I picked out about four stitches to create a way for rice to move in between the top and the bottom. Then once your horizontal line is sewn, put in another spoonful of rice in each side.

Now the top must be hemmed up. Turn the edges over and hem the straight edge up, taking care not to let rice be sewn into the hem.

Once the top is hemmed up your inserts are done. They can be microwaved to make them hot. Microwave them for about 30 seconds.

I just stuffed mine down inside a pair of socks I was wearing.


inside the socks!

Now my toes are warm!



About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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