A Note on Sewing Patches on Military Uniforms

For those of you who have family members in the military, you know that uniforms have to be bought as well as the patches that go on them, then if you don’t sew them on yourself it’s about $15-$20 per uniform. If you have to get several uniforms all patched up that is quite a bit of money just to get patches sewn on. You can do this yourself.

I am not going to post any pictures related to this post because military patches denote names, rank, and military service and I am  not posting pictures, for privacy’s sake.

Patches come unfinished on the left and rights sides. The first thing you need to do if you are sewing on your own patches is iron the patch to size. You can look up uniform regulations online to determine the size they need to be, or simply use a previously sewn up uniform to measure against. Fold the unfinished edges underneath the patch and iron it until the edges are flat and defined.

Use whatever color thread to sew the patches on that is mandated for the uniform. You only need to use a regular stitch to sew it on. Again you can look up where the patches need to go, or use a uniform that already has all its patches sewn on to determine where the patches need to go exactly. A ruler might aid you in sewing on the patches.

I wouldn’t pin them to the uniform to sew them on because they are so stiff and it’s hard to pin them in the correct place. Just hold them in place until you get some stitches in to keep the patch in place.


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