Weird-Fitted-Shirt turns into Cute Over-Shirt

So I have this shirt. I have had it for over three years and you know how many times I have worn it? Four. I do not like the way this shirt fits. It’s actually a size smaller than I would usually wear and it’s still huge and fits awkwardly. I think I could have actually went another size down and it still would fit. So I decided to do something about how horrendously this fits.

First of all that stupid sash always comes out, every time I wash it, thus adding to me not wearing it because I have to stuff the stupid sash back in it. I am going to do something about that.

The way this shirt is made makes me look fat around the middle. I have a waist I would like to be able to see it. No matter how tight I pull the stupid sash on this shirt it never gets any better. It still looks all puffy, and no it’s not a maternity shirt it’s a regular old shirt. So I decided I would turn it into an over-shirt.

I am going to apologize for the dark spots on my photographs today. Military housing has awful lighting and it’s raining today so I can’t get much light from outside.

The first thing I did was use my seam ripper to un-seam that mock wrap area just over the sash in the middle of the shirt. There is now a big gaping area in the shirt, which would make this shirt R-rated if I was to wear it like this. (I know it may be hard to tell what I am doing since the pattern on this shirt is so loopy, but I like the pattern and the fabric so it’s a keeper.)

Next I put the shirt on the floor, made it was all evenly placed, and then cut right up the center of the shirt. There were actually these two button-hole areas for the sash to come through, I cut right between the two.


Next I got out my pins and started turning the edges over to be hemmed up. For the mock-wrap area at top, I kind of did this little pleat thing and just pinned it behind the sash area.

I sewed it all up. I even did part of it by hand since my sewing machine was being a pain in the neck today.



Now to do something about that stupid sash. I got two safety pins roughly the length of the width of the sash area. That may not make a lot of sense, but basically two safety pins that are a little bigger than the sash is wide.

Before that I had to put the stupid sash back in the shirt. I got a wire hanger from my husband’s uniform closet, un-bent it and used it to stick the sash back through.

Back to the safety pins, I pulled the sash out several inches. Then I put the safety-pin in the sash width wise. I then stuffed the safety-pin and sash back where they were. I did this for both sides. The safety-pin can go through the sash hole the skinny way, but not the way it’s pinned in the sash. This is going to keep my sash from coming out every time I wash the shirt. I even tested it.

Here is the finished product. It can be adjusted in the waist which is awesome and it doesn’t have that same billowy look as before. I put a nice lacy black camisole behind it to demonstrate the layering possibilities.  So if you have a weird fitting shirt like this, consider turning it into a little over-shirt.



About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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