Woven Fabric Bookmark

Although, I use my kindle more these days, I do occasionally still read printed books. I am usually one of those people guilty of checking out a brand new library book then turning down the corners to keep my place.

I decided that a book mark project would be just the thing. I have had this idea for a while to make a woven fabric bookmark. I think it still needs some fine-tuning, but it’s easy to do, and easy to customize.

I first started out with a strip of fabric the size I wanted my bookmark to be. I cut vertically up the piece of fabric about every half-inch. I did not cut all the way through the top.

Then I cut strips of a color coordinating fabric. The strips were about as long as the other piece of fabric was wide and about a half-inch wide.

I wove the strips in and out of the strips I created when I cut the bigger piece of fabric.

There were a few problems with this approach. So I actually made two bookmarks, two separate ways and I will explain both from here.

This is what the first bookmark looked like when all the pieces were woven together. One of the problems was that it was hard to keep the thing together. I was actually planning on laminating this with laminating film. So I didn’t actually plan on doing any sewing or gluing, but you could definitely just sew this together rather than laminate it.

You could also glue it down as well.

I decided to laminate mine though. I got a strip of laminating film a little wider than the bookmark.

I tried to push some of the strips closer together while I was doing this.

Once I had the fabric firmly adhered to the laminating film I laminating the other side.

I then trimmed off any excess film from the sides. It turned out a lot bigger than I expected, so  I decided the next one I would try would be a smaller width.





This is the second approach.

I did not cut all the way through the bottom with this one. The piece of fabric is also smaller.

For the other piece of fabric I chose to cut the strips in varying widths so there would be a variety.

I then wove the strips over and under the strips in the big piece of fabric.

Ok if you don’t know how to cut the fabric without cutting through the bottom this is how you do it. Fold the fabric in half. Then cut little snips through it. When you unfold it there should be a space big enough for your scissors to fit through so you can continue cutting your strips.

In a book on the left and both bookmarks side by side on the right.


I also laminated the smaller bookmark the same way I laminated the bigger one.  I think the smaller one looks better because it didn’t bulge out like the bigger one. I think my process still needs improvement, but I like where it’s going.






About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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