Evaporated and Sweetened Condensed Milk

I know you have all wondered how to make evaporated and sweetened condensed milk. I know you have been dying to find out, …. well you probably haven’t but it’s a good thing to know. I decided to find out how to make evaporated and sweetened condensed milk so I wouldn’t have to use those products at the store that are from cows that have been treated with rBST or rBGH. My commissary does not provide rBST free evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk.

So hence me learning how to do this. This isn’t hard it just takes some time. In order to make sweetened condensed milk you need to make evaporated milk first. So I will explain how to do that first. If you want 14oz of evaporated milk you need to start with 35 ounces of milk. I only did the 14oz.

Put your milk in a pot. Turn it on medium at first just to get hot. When it starts to bubble turn it down to low and simmer it. You are going to want to get a good idea of how much milk is in the pot to start with at this point. You can dip something in the milk, you can eyeball it, or whatever, but you want to be able to compare before and after.

Simmer the milk, simmer it, and just keep simmering. The milk needs to be reduced by 60%. This may take 2-4 hours.

The first picture I posted was my before picture, and this is my after picture. You can see there is a lot less milk in my pot. You’re going to get a skin on the top, it’s no big deal. Just skim it off and do whatever you want with it. If you just want evaporated milk you are done, if you want sweetened condensed milk there is another step.

For every cup of evaporated milk add 1-1/4 cups sugar. That means per 14oz add 2cups and 1TBSP of sugar to your milk. I kept mine on the heat long enough to dissolve all the sugar.

To the left here is the sweetened condensed milk. I don’t know if you can tell, but it has a different color than the evaporated milk. It’s more caramel shaded that the evaporated milk.

For either preparation you are going to want to strain your milk before you use it.





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