Accessory Book

After I made my camera insert for my backpack I needed a place to put my camera accessories. I happened to have a side pocket on my backpack that would work great for those. I decided that I was going to make something that folded up and could hold all my stuff. What I did first was measure my pocket. I cut pieces of cardboard of a smaller size than my pocket and then a narrow piece to go in between the two pieces. If you want to try this project make sure that you get the edges as straight as you can. The middle piece needs to be the same length as the side pieces.


Next, I attached the pieces together using some ribbon and my big needle. I sewed through one piece, then the middle piece, then the other piece and back again. I repeated this process until all three pieces were sewn together all the way down.


Here is what it looked like when I was done sewing it up. I used tape to secure the ends to the cardboard, because I didn’t want to knot it, but gluing it or knotting it could work.


Next I cut two pieces of fabric that were about 3/4 an inch bigger all the way around than the cardboard piece. I also cut a small piece of acrylic tape to use for a fastener. I pinned the pieces together. I also pinned the piece of acrylic tape into the two pieces. Remember if you’re sewing a tie or faster in, it needs to be pinned on this inside during this step.


Here it is sewn together on three sides.




Next I inserted the cardboard piece into the fabric to determine where I wanted to put the Velcro to fasten the book shut. I marked the spot where the Velcro would go. I then cut a piece of the soft side of the Velcro and a piece of the sticky side of the Velcro. I was using iron on Velcro, which is quite handy. I ironed the Velcro on and moved onto the next step.


The next thing I did was lay out the accessories I wanted to have inside of the book. The accessories should be lain out in such a way that the book still closes evenly when they are in there. I then used my marking pencil to mark the sides of where the accessories where.


Using my markings, I cut pieces of elastic to fasten the items to the book. The pieces of elastic should be a little bigger than the width between the markings if not much room is needed to secure the object. If more room is needed, then more elastic is needed. I used wider elastic for two or my more bulky items. I then pinned the elastic in place and sewed it on. Note, do not sew through both layers of fabric.


After I sewed on all the elastic, I put the piece of cardboard back in, and then pinned up the top in order to sew it all up. If you find that suddenly your fabric just isn’t bit enough that is ok. All you have to do is shave a little off of your cardboard piece and it will fit just fine.

Here is mine all completed. I stuffed a bunch of stuff in it, but it’s all organized. This stuff isn’t going to get tangled up because I just threw it in a bag somewhere.


Here it is folded up and it fits in the side pocket of my backpack!





About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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