Lingerie Bag Made from a Men’s Shirt

My husband went through some of his clothes the other day and out came this shirt to go into the throw away pile. The reason: A big rip in the front of the shirt. I decided this is fairly soft fabric so I’m going to do something with it.

To make this you will need one men’s button up shirt, some cord, any a button or a bead.

Cut the men’s shirt along all of the seams. Take the buttons off with a seam ripper. Put those in your button stash. You can see the pieces I got out of my shirt in the picture above.

The next step is to lay the two sleeve pieces on either side of the main back piece like shown. Lay them lengthwise down the side of the shirt. Make sure good-side is facing good-side. Pin the pieces together and sew along the edge. The sleeve pieces will now be attached to the sides of the back kind of like wings.

After the sleeves are sewn on take your scissors and cut straight lines across the whole thing. The idea is to end up with a rectangle. The sleeves need cut to get rid of the curve on the edge. The top needs cut to have an even line across it. The bottoms of the sleeves need cut a little since they taper out. It should look like the picture to the left when you are done cutting.

Fold the piece in half with the sewn on sleeve pieces facing each other. Pin up the sides. Then sew the sides together. This is now the bag part of the bag. The top isn’t done yet of course we have to work on that.

Next you need to turn the whole thing right side out. Turn over the edge to determine how much room you need for the cord that is going to act as the drawstring. You should turn over about an inch of fabric on the top. Once you have determined how much fabric will be turned over, you need to mark places for the button holes that the drawstring will go through. The button holds should end up a little over an inch from the top of the un-hemmed fabric. We’re not going to turn it over and hem it yet because we have to make the button holes first.

On the wrong side of the fabric where you chose to make your button holes pin some extra fabric. This is just a little spare piece of batting I had. This is going to strengthen the button holes.

Turn it back over and use the button-hole making procedure that your sewing machine manual entails. Make two button holes, less than an inch apart.

Next the actual drawstring part of the bag needs to be made. I am not going to stuff the drawstring through the button holes after I have hemmed up the top, I am going to go ahead and sew the drawstring in.

To measure for the drawstring cut a piece 3-1/2 time the width of the bag.

Stick both ends of the drawstring through the two button holes from the inside. Then turn the hem down over the drawstring and put a pin through it. Repeat all the way around the inside of the bag. The drawstring should be pinned inside the hem and the ends of the drawstring should be hanging out of the front side. Sew the hem up, taking care not to sew through your drawstring.

I wanted to add a little decoration to my bag.  I used the rest of the sleeve pieces I cut away. I cut curved shapes out of each sleeve piece. I then pinned them in a flower shape and sewed it up. I got a bead I liked, but you could also use a button, and sewed it in the middle of the flower. Then I sewed the flower on right under the drawstring. It is supposed to be a lingerie bag of course, it needs to be somewhat pretty.

Ta Da! Here it is all finished. It’s a nice soft bag I can put lingerie in while I travel.




Here it is demonstrated. I put a couple of items in it and pulled the drawstring shut.

So if you have a men’s shirt that you can’t part with you can recycle it into this drawstring bag.


About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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