2 Long-sleeved T-Shirts, 2 Different Night-Shirts

I had several long-sleeved T-shirts just taking up space. I was going over my options: throw them out, give them away, or do something with them. I decided to do something with them to see what I could come up with. I came up with two ideas. Both are for night shirts made using one long-sleeve T-shirt each. The T-shirts aren’t even long-sleeved, as in reaching all the way down to the wrists, but are more like 3/4 length T-shirts.

The Gray Shirt

My first T-shirt to tackle was the gray T-shirt seen here. It’s in pretty good shape, but I’m not going to wear it anytime soon.


I cut off the sleeves leaving room for the hem. I also cut off the bottom of the shirt. Why? This T-shirt was made curved on the bottom. It was not straight across. I also cut off the curved part of the sleeves. I also cut out the collar.

I sewed the two sleeve pieces together on the edges that used to be attached to the main part of the shirt. Then after I did that, I cut the piece in half horizontally. This is what I ended up with.  I then sewed these two pieces together. I ended up with a long oddly shaped piece.

I then pinned that piece to the main part of the shirt on the bottom. I moved it around to where I wanted it. There was a little extra fabric left over on the back from the sleeves I just cut that off and sewed the ends together on the back. I then sewed this piece to the bottom of the shirt. There was already a curve to the bottom of the shirt, but I cut a little more to make the curve more noticeable.

Once the bottom piece was sewn on the hemming started. I turned all the edges over to make the hem.


Once all the hemming was done, I decided this shirt needed a little something. I cut out petal shaped pieces from some of the left over fabric. I pinned them to one of the upper sides of the shirt. I then proceeded to sew each petal on with a zig-zag stitch. I used contrasting thread, which made it show up better, but thread the same color as the shirt could also be used.

Here it is! It’s a night-shirt, it’s a workout shirt maybe. It doesn’t have any sleeves so it’s not so hot to sleep in when it’s summer. Might not want to use it in winter though.

Note I did not take the waist of this shirt in. What do we do when we want to get an around the house shirt that is comfy? We buy a shirt that is too big. So it’s not becoming. What I’m trying to say is, please use this only for sleeping or working out. The only time you should ever be wearing a t-shirt that is too big for you in the waist outside of your house is if someone stole all of your clothes and that is all you have or you’re going to workout. This shirt could be a suitable workout shirt.

The Tan-ish Shirt

Cream, tan, off-white? I am not really sure what color to call this shirt since it’s kind of speckled, so I will leave it at tan-ish. I decided to go in a different direction with this shirt. Making it less PJs and a little more nightie.

The first thing I did was cut off the sleeves following the curve of the sleeve socket. If that is what it’s called. I then cut the shirt straight across under the armpits of the shirt.

Cut one of the sleeves in half long ways. This is going to be kind of like your bodice to your top. Pin the piece that is now two pieces together good-side to good-side. It should look like this on the left. There is this area that kind of sticks out. It curves around. This used to be where the top of your sleeve. I sewed that together stopping where the blue mark is. I know it’s kind of hard to see. Those marking pencils just aren’t that dark.

Once that was sewn together I opened it up and sewed a hem in the little “v” area that was created. I then hemmed the rest along the top.

One of the things I had to do was make sure this was going to fit. The idea is to attach this to the top of the piece we cut off of the shirt earlier. This vaguely resembles a sports bra right now. I tried it on to see if I would need to add any more fabric to make this piece reach all the way around my back. I did not need to add any more fabric. So I sewed the two arm ends together. This now makes this piece a sort of tube.

I then decided I needed to tighten up the front area a little. It wasn’t very secure. I turned it wrong side out and sewed in an angle from the point of the “v” in the front, down  to the bottom.

It was now time to pin the top piece to that tube piece I cut off of the shirt earlier. This is the back. I made a couple of pleats because the top of the tube part was wider than the bottom of the, well I am just going to call it the bra looking part.” I made the pleats several inches apart on each side making sure that the sides were aligned.

I then turned it over to the front side. I made all the pleats in the center. It’s going to have a bit of an empire waist effect. I then sewed this all together. My sewing machine decided to act up at this point changing its thread tension at will. I had to be firm with it and tell it that I wasn’t going to tolerate this sort of thing. It finally behaved.

After the main piece was sewn I decided to tackle the straps. Where are the coming from? The other sleeve of course. The sleeve should be long enough to make the straps for the shirt. I cut strips and hemmed them up. There is no need to hem the left and right ends because they are going to be sewn to the inside of the shirt.

I then attached the straps to the shirt in the front and the back.

Here it is! It’s more nightie than PJ top. It’s comfortable since it’s made of  T-shirt material. You can see the pleats in the front gave it a little something extra. If you decide to take on this project yourself you may need to adjust the top part a bit. Mine was too loose in the top so I had to kind of take it in a little on each side. I did this by sewing off a little triangular section on each side.

So another night-shirt from another long-sleeved t-shirt. It’s not something you’re going to wear outside, but it’s going to be comfortable to sleep in.

That old long-sleeve t-shirt can have new life.



About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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