Pin Box

My mother loves to buy stuff from Jewelry Television. In fact that is what I get for my birthday and Christmas, jewelry. I have no problem with this since my mom’s taste in jewelry is considerably better than her taste in eighty’s sweaters and because silver is hovering around 33 dollars an ounce now. So I get something to wear and an investment. With jewelry comes jewelry boxes. What do you do with them? Well, there are just about a million things you could do with them. This project is for a pin box, or push pins, quilting pins, whatever you want to call them. You will need a large bracelet or necklace size cardboard jewelry box for this project. You will also need some decorative paper, I recommend origami or rice paper, and glue.

This is the box I am using. I believe this box originally held my chocolate pearl bracelets and earrings. It has an insert that is padded. Keep the insert and stick your pins in it at an angle. Most likely they won’t fit standing straight up because the box probably isn’t going to be that deep. If you lucked out and got a box that deep, go ahead and stick your pins straight up.

What we want to do is decorate the outside of this box. I am going to use origami paper. I don’t have any scrap-book paper, so sue me, I don’t scrap-book.  Origami paper is thinner anyways and will be easier to apply to the outside of the box.

Put some glue on one of the surfaces of your box. You can see I put way too much on the top of my box, but I was able to use that same glue for the rest of the paper, so it was ok. Again, use a brush dipped in just a little water to spread the glue evenly over  the side you want to apply the paper to. Once your glue is spread evenly apply the paper. Cut pieces to fit .

Here is my box with all the visible sides covered in paper. I chose not to do the inside, but you certainly could if you wanted. The excess paper can be cut off later. Make sure the box is open if it happens to have a lid like this one and let it dry. If it has a removable lid, keep the lid off of the box while drying.

I cut the excess paper off and used an Exacto knife to make precise edges. I then used thin strips to finish up the edges and corners to make them look nice. When it was all dry, I stuck the padded insert back in with the pins.Here is what it looks like open.

Here is what it looks like closed. I used part of an index card to write “push pins” on it as a label. I used a metallic green sharpie that matched the paper. Your box may not close as well now that you have added paper, no big deal. Just get some of the Velcro that has a sticker back and make a Velcro closure under the lid of the box. That way it closes all the way and it is secure. It’s not going to accidentally fly open and dump your pins everywhere.

So the next time you get jewelry from someone and you are thinking about throwing that box away, don’t. Use it for something nifty.

I currently use jewelry boxes for spare needles, buttons, bobbins, small spools of thread and other items.


About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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