Pants Turn Into a Skirt

Imagine this: you go clothes shopping and you find this pair of pants that is really cute. You buy that pair of pants in your size, thinking, “There’s no reason they shouldn’t fit.” Well, when you get them home and try them on, sure they kind of fit, but in all honesty you probably would have had to buy them around 2 sizes bigger than the size you actually wear and have them tailored, because the company who made them sized them a little small and also sized them weird. Don’t try to deny it, we’ve all come across weird fitting pants. That is the category this pair of pants is in.

I really like the design of this pair of pants and the color. That is why I haven’t parted with them yet. I have  had these probably eight years or so. I know a long time to have something that doesn’t fit right, but you always hope it fits right, but this pair of pants comes in the category of, “you’d practically have to be anorexic and shaped like  Olive Oyl for them to fit right.”

Well, I am going to turn them into a skirt. Pants that don’t fit right as pants, can fit just fine as skirts.

First thing is first, cut the pants across where you want the skirt to fall. Remember about seam allowance.


Next, get your handy-dandy seam ripper and rip the seams of the pants legs you cut off. You are going to need these. Here are my four pieces. The pieces may be more of less flared depending on what type of pants you are using.

“Now what is this tangled mass of fabric,” you ask? It’s the pants part with the inner leg seams ripped out. Yes, you need to do that. Rip the inner leg seams on both legs, but do not rip up the seam going up the front of your pants or the back of your pants, you need that to be there. Even though I checked multiple times, I still ended up ripping part of my seam that goes to my zipper, so check many, many times, to make sure you’re ripping the right seam. If you rip the wrong seam, you have to sew it back together and that just creates more work.

Lay the pants down flat, with the side facing up. The ripped seams will now be on the right and the left. You can see there is this weird fabric piece sticking out where your butt used to be. That needs to go.

That needs to be cut off in a straight line as shown here. Sorry, don’t know why the picture ended up sideways, but that weird piece isn’t there anymore.

With the pants in the same position take a straight edge and lay it across your pants. Put one end where the top of the ripped seam is on the back of the pants and the other where the ripped seam is on the front of the pants. The idea here is to determine how far the seam needs to be ripped up the side. Once you have this figured out, mark where you want to rip your seam up to. Repeat for the other side. Then rip the seams up to the marks.

You’ll need your handy-dandy iron. Turn all of the seams under and iron hem seam allowance. This is going to make the skirt much easier to work with.

Once you have all the hems ironed, place one of the leg panels under one of the ripped out areas. It can be the front, the back, or one of the sides. Place it as shown and pin it in. Repeat this for the other three seam-ripped areas. You can adjust those leg panels however you want to adjust them.

You now need to sew these panels in by sewing through the hems you created. Be careful now to sew through anything other than the area of the skirt you are working on. It’s good to use a color of thread similar to the fabric. Cut the excess fabric away inside once you’re sure it fits properly.

Here’s what it looks like. At this point the skirt can be done, if you want it to be done, but I don’t want mine to be done yet. I am going to add a little extra something.

I started the next phase by measuring, with my fabric tape, all the way across the bottom of the skirt. I doubled that measurement and added six inches to it. What am I going to do? I am going to add some inches to the bottom of this skirt in a cute way. I have actually seen skirts like this before and thought they were cute, so I wanted my own.

I was deciding whether to use white fabric or green fabric, when I decided to use both.

I cut two long strips of my white fabric about eight inches wide. The white fabric has little flower holes, so the green fabric I’m going to use as well, will peek through. I then cut two green pieces of fabric to match.

I then put the good-side to the good-side of one piece of white and one piece of green and sewed along to long edge. I repeated this for the other two strips of fabric. Then I turned the finished product inside out and sewed these two strips of fabric together on  the short end.

You can see the strip I ended up with. I pinned it to the bottom of my skirt making sure to flare it a bit. When I finally got all the way back around to the other end of the fabric strip. I pinned it together and sewed the ends together. This strip of fabric is now circular. After that I did and adjustments that were needed. Then I sewed the strip of fabric to the skirt where I had pinned it.

Then I decided a sash is really going to make the outfit this skirt goes with.  So I cut a very long strip of the green fabric seen here. I then folded it in half length-wise, good-side to good-side, and sewed the ends together. Now at this point my sewing machine decided to misbehave. I had to have words with it. It kept making knots and adjusting the tension on its own. It finally won so I had to switch thread. My sewing machine is prejudice against some types of thread.

After fighting with the sewing machine, I turned this piece right side out and edges of the long-unsewn-edge under to make a hem. I then sewed that together.

Here is everything all together!I decided the perfect thing for the top was a white shirt with my white lace cami on top. Then the sash tied around the waist, then the skirt underneath. I think my outfit turned out really cute. The sash goes with the skirt, and the skirt has one of those cute cloth extensions on the bottom.

So remember, that pair of pants which you never wear because they don’t fit right and you can’t part with them , can be turned into a cute skirt. You can do this with any pair of pants. You can use jeans, dress-pants, or casual pants. Heck, maybe even pajama pants, although I haven’t tried that one out.


About Ashe

I always said my dream job would be to get paid for sitting in a corner and drawing all day long. Now, I have to ammend that idea of my dream job. I think I would like to sit in a corner and be able to get paid for drawing and writing.
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